Our personal trainers are

liscend fysiotherapists 

Personal guidance is key for motivation, but also to ensure that the exercise is performed in a correct way. Our personal trainers are also physiotherapists, which helps them to understand the human body, how to prevent injuries or adapt a training to personal needs. 

About David van Rooij

- Liscend fystiotherapist

- Centraal Instituut Opleiding Sportleiders;

- Fitnes A&B;

- Personal trainer (8+ years of experience)

David also works as a physiotherapist to continue to learn and evolve as a professional. 

David loves to surf, travel and work-out (participant of IRON MAN 2019 & 2020). 

"I get moody when I don't get to do my workouts, but I for sure love to enjoy the other things in life: a nice dinner with friends and family. Its all about a good and healthy balance!" - David

About Donja Kardos

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About Philippe Crescente

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